"The blue colour is everlastingly appointed by the Deity to be a source of delight"
John Ruskin

Welcome to Stromboli!


Maybe for this reason there is a lot of blue in Stromboli.

The surrounding sea, ever present, the sky, almost a backdrop as if to emphasize the smoky plumes of 'iddu' ('him'), the windows of the houses, with thousands shades of turquois like many eyes.

This island blue and black, seemingly floating between sky and sea, between fire and earth, becomes for those who spend a few days in it, an experience not easily forgotten.

Whether walking along the black sandy beach or climbing up the path towards the craters, whether persuaded by the fishermen to walk, even for a day, barefoot, or listening to the seagulls... if you should find yourselves waiting for the sunset, leaning against the warm rocks of the 'long' beach of Piscità, and in an instant perceive that everything will become pink.. red.. violet.. blue.. and black.. if the depths of Strombolicchio shall give you vertigo, your holiday will remain like a unique experience, almost mystical, because Stromboli was created to be... ..a source of joy.